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Hi! I'm Dorie Olds

I'm glad you stopped by. I am The Creation Coach, a Board-Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Energy Work Master Instructor, and Lymphatic Massage Therapist, and consciousness coach, who for over 21 years, using my techniques. have helped change years of negative thoughts and feelings in just minutes. Delivering and getting the response of 'WOW!'

But it wasn't always like this:

When I was younger I felt bad about myself, bad about my life. I felt like I shouldn't exist, felt un-loveable. un-acceptable, no value, no worth, that there was something very wrong with me. I felt like I was living a pretend life; feeling dis-empowered, hopeless with no future.

Through divine intervention, I was brought to people, who using the same tools I now use, assisted me into a healing path.

Now I have dedicated my live to helping you-clear the obstacles in your way and create THE LIFE YOU WERE BORN TO LIVE and THE DIFFERENCE YOU CAME TO MAKE!


I work with people in person in  the Salt Lake Valley areas, the Mountain West states, and by phone, and online, around the world. I'm known for helping people lose weight, stop smoking, build confidence, sports abilities, memory, healing, and helping people really make that mind-body connection. I specialize in children. I marvel at the quality of relaxation my clients are able to achieve, and I love the glow when they make that inner connection. If you've ever done something that made a real positive difference for someone, you know what I mean.



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Hypnosis & You, As A Client

Whether you call it Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotism or Self Hypnosis, more and more people just like you are finding out how powerful working with hypnosis can be, and how easy it is to use to 're-program' the mind. The changes Hypnosis helps create, can often seem like a miracle. With hypnosis, if you've 'dreamed it', you can achieve it. If you've ever wanted to do better, be better, have a better experience of yourself and your life, hypnosis helps you "be the creator you were born to be", so you can create the life you were born to live.

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