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August 2020 Affirmation


Original client Testimonials are on file in my office to validate authenticity. Many more Testimonials available upon request.

When I first went in to try Hypnosis for Weight Loss, I thought it might work, but I was prepared to spend the money it might take for surgical weight reduction if it didn't. As it happens, I spent a tiny fraction of the cost of the surgery, and as the program progressed I began to lose weight. Hypnotherapy has freed me and allowed me to look up and see the bigger picture, to make the choices that I know are best for me.

L.B., Age 46

Bountiful, Utah

Since I stopped smoking I have noticed that the only time I think about smoking now, is when I realize I haven't thought about smoking. The cravings subsided much quicker than I thought they would, and I've had a greater sense of calm. Hypnosis really works!

L.S., Age 32

Salt Lake City, Utah

I came in to work on weight loss, but it has blossomed into other areas in my life. I am now more comfortable with me and who I am. I am changing for the better, and this is exciting to me. I guess you can say I have a new confidence in myself.

A.S., Age 26

Sandy, Utah

My reasons for going in for sessions was that I was extremely desparate in terms of being able to relax and get a good night's sleep. I had a difficult time dealing with a number of large stresses, and found that I couldn not allow myself to sleep well at night. This new experience is incredible! I have had some of the best nights' sleep recently that I've ever had.

L.F., Age 31

Salt Lake City, Utah

I came into Dorie for help with dealing with an ongoing ailment called 'incontinence of the bowel', and also some pain management. Through hypnosis and coaching, she has helped me control my feelings with this problem, and know how to manage it.

M.G., Age 72

Sandy, Utah

I came because I was having trouble with sweating. It seemed to always happen when I got really nervous. After going through the Palmtherapy that Dorie did, and the Hypnosis afterward, I am now able to control the sweating better, and will now lead a healthier life. If I have any problems in the future with anything else, you will be hearing from me.

B.T., Age 21

Salt Lake City, Utah

My fears were in charge, and I wanted more control over my thoughts and life in general. Through working with Dorie, I uncovered "some things, and learned to recognize what was real and what was not. I learned to quit resisting. I've learned what thoughts apply, and what thoughts I can send away. I feel relieved, much more in control, much more relaxed. I feel more capable to deal with my life.

B.A., Age 28

Magna, Utah

When I first came in I had constant shoulder and neck tenseness, and my chest felt very heavy and tight. It was sometimes very hard to breathe. Now I am able to work through or control these same symptoms by breathing, affirming, and identifying and addressing the issue or item that has surfaced. I am more aware of my relationships with others, and how I let them affect me, and realize that I have the choice to take on any good or bad feelings or intentions from others.

G.B., 30

Park City, Utah.

I came in because I couldn't remember names and I was forgetting things from my past. Since my sessions, I now remember names, and my past, better than ever before. Hypnosis has really helped me. Thanks.

P.A., Age 77

Holladay, Utah

I received help with my weight loss through the Academy of Life Management. I worked with Dorie and she did a wonderful job. Initially I did not know a great deal about hypnosis and was a bit sceptical. I was made to feel very welcome and quickly a trust developed. The staff of the Academy are very genuine and really want to help people. In my case I was able to lose 8 pounds during my sessions, and learned a great deal about relaxation and stress management...

T.H., RN. MN., Age 44

Provo, Utah

I race and compete in barrel racing, and a friend told me that Dorie had helped him with his cow cutting in the rodeo. I've found that now I am able to relax in competition, and score much higher. Hypnosis has helped me to compete better to my abilities and skills. I'm winning more and ranking much higher. I'm really happy.

S.P., 46

Vernal, Utah

I've got a complaint here. When I came in to do better with my bull riding, I loved it, and I send all my friends. They saw the great results I was having, and they wanted to come in to see Dorie too. All my top competitors are now guys who've taken hypnosis from Dorie and I need to come back in to get the edge back!

T.N., Age 22

Lovell, Wyoming

Our 3 yr. old daughter was eating chicken too fast and severely choked. That experience made her really afraid of eating, and she would only drink liquids. We had to make smoothies for her, and she'd only get them half down. We came to Dorie who put our daughter at ease, and after two sessions our little girl was eating solid food again. Thanks so much for giving us our daughter back! We'd had no idea what to do with this.

R.M., Age 22 & 23

Tooele, Utah

I couldn't get past certain things in my life, and I didn't know if Past Life would help me, but I wanted to give it a try. After my sessions I feel more whole, more complete with myself. I have more understanding about me, past and present, and I feel more relaxed with myself and my experiences. I trust myself more, and have more hope for the future.

J.R., Age 62

Riverton, Utah

I realized that I've not been feeling good enough for 'good guys', just good enough for 'crummy guys'. After my sessions with Dorie, now I know that I DO deserve a good guy, and I can have a good life. I'm more aware of my old belief systems and that they haven't been true. Just because I've had a thought or feeling, doesn't mean it's true. I'm more relaxed, and not 'run around' anymore. I have an attitude that I can do the things I want to do

C.F., Age 24

Juno, Alaska

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