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Hypnosis Services

I offer many hypnosis services to help you be more effective in your change and personal growth. I work with adults, teens, and children. For your convenience, I do private sessions both in person, by phone and online. People have come to see me for everything from habit changes, public speaking, confidence, and sports competitions -local, national, and international. I've helped a lot of people find their keys, remember their dreams, make more money, and find their passion. Hypnosis helps you to rapidly create positive mental, emotional, and behavioral change easily, naturally, and most of all permanently. 

You can now gain all the amazing life-changing benefits of hypnosis, along with the opportunity to enrich your mind, body, and spirit, creating the life you want.. one of the most common questions I am asked is, 'How can I know if I can be hypnotized?' There are several simple and easy ways to know, I can help you know for yourself, Hypnosis is a natural state, not supernatural, and most people can be hypnotized.


•Stop Smoking        

•Mental Focus

•Stress Relief            

•Restful Sleep

•Improve Creativity    

•Self Empowerment

•Sports Achievement 

•Increase Motivation 

•Weight Loss             

•Academic Success

•Financial Success

And More


Hypnosis sessions are 60-90 minutes for$100.00. If you prepay for three or more sessions you get a 10% discount.

Specialty sessions 

Past Life Regression session $150.00

Higher Self session $200.00

Take the first step now, for a Free Consultation! (801-674-7329)

Free Consultation

It's Easy

Hypnosis - Safe, Convenient & Confidential

To make the changes you want, your first step is a Free Consultation. That helps me to know what you need and what will work best for you, and we can see if I am the right hypnotist for you for us to work together. Your session can be scheduled to follow the consultation, or it can be scheduled for another day.

Hypnosis Sessions

Generally 60-90 minutes in length 

  • Individual (by phone, online or in person) 60-90 minutes $100.00
  • Prepaid Programs (3 Sessions or more) 10% discount 
  • Each session is private; but for children <4, the parent is present
  • Email support, 'check in' calls available
  • Past Life Regression Session $150.00
  • Higher Self Session $200.00

Self Hypnosis Class Series

Seven Weekly Classes, 90 minutes each

Each class includes both discussion and experiential
$99.00 Entire Series, $14.00 per individual class topics:

  • Weight Loss
  • Self Confidence & Success
  • General (Work on your own topic/s during class).

Other Classes

  • EMPower Life Script
  • Voyager Light & Sound
  • Energy Healing Circle

Training and Certification
Energy Healer Level I & II, Energy Healer Master Practitioner, Energy Healer Master Instructor

Bonus! Other Modalities For You

  • Lymphatic Massage  Works great as part of a Hypnosis Weight Loss Program!
  • 1 hour 85.00 10 massage series 750.00 (Get 1 session FREE)
  • Craniosacral 1 Professional hour (50 minutes) $99.00
  • Energy Healing 1 Professional hour $85.00
  • Energy/Cranio 1 Professional hour $99.00

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